Online Poker in Connecticut Could Benefit From a Shared Liquidity Agreement

online poker

When you play online poker, you put your money at risk, just like in any other gambling game. This can lead to big short-term gains and losses. In addition, the pace of play in online poker sites is much faster, making short-term results artificially affected by the greater variance. If you play poker online, you can play 10 times as many hands as you would in a live game.

While online poker is legal in many jurisdictions, it is not in Connecticut. This state has a small population of just over three million people, so online poker there is unlikely to attract any major players. Connecticut has recently enacted a gaming bill that does not mention shared liquidity, but legislators are open to the idea. If the final Wire Act ruling is upheld, Connecticut may be able to enter into shared liquidity agreements with other states.

Online poker is a different type of poker than live poker, and has proven to be very popular. Some players even prefer to play online poker over playing in their local poker rooms. This is because poker venues can be intimidating, and novice players often don’t want to drive long distances just to play. Online poker also allows you to save on gas costs.

When playing online poker, it is best to play under an anonymous user name. This protects newer players from shark-infested waters. In addition, using an anonymous table is a great way to play poker online. Besides ensuring anonymity, anonymous play also allows you to avoid the need for Heads-Up Displays, which make it more difficult for opponents to track you.

If the bill passes, Connecticut will be the seventh US state to regulate online poker. The bill will also allow online casinos and sports betting. It will be an important milestone in the future of online poker in Connecticut. It is likely that big operators will look to boost their US presence by establishing a presence in the state. However, the size of the population may keep online poker from taking off in Connecticut. But, with a shared liquidity agreement, online poker in Connecticut could become more attractive to players.